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Tegan Kahn

Contact Information:
[email protected]
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Canberra, Australia
  • Sunda Fereti: “I think the whole world needs to experience this.”
  • Begona Diaz Munoz: "Within a couple of sessions of using this method, I now get up in the morning with no pain at all."
  • Jess Lee Strain "My head aches are reduced, my back pain is reduced…I really recommend it to anyone with a lot of pain.”
  • Georgina Price, Musician 
    I came to see Tegan suffering from chronic pain from a bulging disc in my lower back and quite severe sciatica. After one session my pain started to decrease and my mobility improved. I would recommend the Gokahle Method to anyone looking for ways to help with back pain and general mobility and...Read more
  • SC; Foundations Course alumnus; Canberra
    I experienced my first pain-free days in as long as I can remember! These were two consecutive pain-free days about two weeks after commencing the course. And there have been more since! Having lived with back pain for over 10 years...Read more
  • Antonia Anderson; Canberra
    After only a few sessions I noticed that my feet no longer ache in the morning on getting out of bed. I was also able to start running again with no knee pain. I look forward to taking more of Tegan's classes - she has a real knack for explaining complex concepts in a very simple and...Read more
  • Samantha Hughes, Department of Health
    Tegan is a very patient and encouraging teacher. I have really enjoyed (and benefited from!) my sessions with her.Read more
  • Samantha Hughes: "Tegan has been a wonderful teacher with the Gokhale Method"
  • Begoña Diaz-Muñoz, CIT
    Within two weeks of applying the Gokhale Method I was waking up with no pain.Read more
  • Sebastian Randerson, Canberra
    Tegan's detailed knowledge of the Gokhale Method and wonderful ability to impart that knowledge has helped me dial down chronic lower back pain in really big significant ways. One example of this, thanks to hip hinging, I am still marveling at my newfound ability to access objects at floor...Read more
  • Kirsten Rees, Canberra
    I completed the free posture workshop with Tegan and it was awesome. I picked up quite a lot of useful techniques and different ways of thinking to improve my posture and help my shoulder and neck issues. I find I can sit for longer without pain and it's much easier to concentrate while working...Read more
  • Cam Le Hill, Canberra
    I have found knee issues going away as well as neck, back, and shoulder pain. My breathing is (much) better too. The course is a definite value add to the book as well. Highly recommended.Read more
  • Andrew Howard, Canberra
    I attended the free Gokhale Method workshop Tegan conducted and after practicing the techniques Tegan taught have observed a significant reduction in back pain.Read more
  • Tonya Haff, Canberra
    Great method, fantastic teacher. For me this method is pretty revolutionary because, as a mother of two young kids, I find it very hard to set aside time for self-care such as regularly completing physio exercises, attending yoga classes, etc. Tegan is a kind, friendly and approachable teacher, and...Read more
  • Each Monday after a session with Tegan I feel so much better! I did more than two hours of pruning yesterday and had no additional aches and pains afterwards - in fact yesterday was the most pain-free day I’ve had for months. Thank you Tegan!...Read more


Tegan Kahn's mother broke several vertebrae, her pelvis and sternum in a car crash in the 1980s. She was in a coma for three days, and expected to be in pain for the rest of her life. One hour into the Gokhale Method Foundations course, she said "this is the longest I've sat without pain in 30 years." That's when Tegan decided to train with Esther Gokhale to become a Gokhale Method teacher and share these life-changing techniques with others.

Tegan has a Bachelor of Medical Science with first class Honours and a Masters degree in scientific research from The Australian National University. 

She is a gentle, enthusiastic, and patient teacher who loves helping people to regain their natural posture and overcome pain.

You can contact Tegan at [email protected] or 0438489648

Tegan's Online Offerings

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Canberra, ACT

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